Support your wellbeing machine, your gut with Blackmores Probiotics+, a range of fridge free probiotics based on scientific evidence containing clinically trialled probiotic strains.

The range includes: Daily Health, Kids Daily Health, Immune Support, Skin Support and Bowel Support so you can easily select a product to suit your needs.

Blackmores Probiotics+ may help support your gut health and wellbeing. Learn more about why your body may benefit from probiotics and prebiotics, as well as when to take probiotics.


11 February 2020
Young woman sitting on the kitchen bench eating yoghurt

What is dysbiosis?


Bowel Support

Probiotics+ Bowel Support

from NZ$39.99

Supports healthy bowels.
27 billon CFU plus FODMAP friendly fibre.
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Probiotics+ Immune Support

Blackmores Probiotics+ Immune Support

from NZ$29.99

Potent multi-action probiotic with five scientifically studied strains, prebiotic, vitamin C and zinc
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