Blackmores Education


We offer a range of education options to support the quality use and expert recommendation of CMs. For pharmacy assistants we have flexible face-to-face and online programs. Through Blackmores Institute, we offer evidence-based CM education for pharmacists, GPs, naturopaths and other health professionals.

Education options for healthcare professionals

Blackmores Institute offers a diverse range of education opportunities for healthcare professionals designed to meet a variety of learning styles and career stages.  Our services and academic programs offer you:

  • An introduction to complementary medicine
  • In-depth understanding of the evidence-base for ingredients and their efficacy in treating specific conditions
  • Tools to improve patient engagement skills
  • CPD-accredited education for healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and general practitioners
  • Advanced education products and events for the integrative practitioner

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Education options for naturopaths

Blackmores Professional offers continuing education and professional development for practitioners through seminars, workshops, webcasts and online learning.

Latest offerings include:

  • Mineral Therapy Online Education Program

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Education options for pharmacy assistants

Blackmores offers continuing education and professional development for pharmacy assistants through seminars, workshops, in-store training, online learning and pre-employment training.

Latest online modules include:

  • Superfood Powder + Nature Boost Range

  • Fertility and Pre-conception

  • Exercise & Muscle Health

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