Support your wellbeing machine, your gut with Blackmores Probiotics+, a range of fridge free probiotics based on scientific evidence containing clinically trialled probiotic strains.

The range includes: Daily Health, Kids Daily Health, Immune Support, Skin Support and Bowel Support so you can easily select a product to suit your needs.

Blackmores Probiotics+ may help support your gut health and wellbeing. Learn more about why your body may benefit from probiotics and prebiotics, as well as when to take probiotics.



Probiotics+ Daily Health

Blackmores Probiotics+ Daily Health 30 capsules

from NZ$32.99

A daily probiotic formula plus a prebiotic to support intestinal health.
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Probiotics+ Immune Support

Blackmores Probiotics+ Immune Support 30 capsules

from NZ$29.99

Potent multi-action probiotic with five scientifically studied strains, prebiotic, vitamin C and zinc
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