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06 March 2015

#DearMe Celebrating International Womens Day 2015

International womens day

What advice would you give your younger self?

Celebrate International Women's Day, inspire others and join the movement with two words. Dear me.

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Women's health

Bio Iron Advanced

Blackmores Bio Iron Advanced 30 tablets

from NZ$17.25

A low constipation iron formulation which is well tolerated and gentle on the digestive system. It helps reduce fatigue and tiredness caused by low dietary iron intake.
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Everyday health

Multivitamin for Women

Blackmores Multivitamin for Women 100 tablets

from NZ$28.20

Specially formulated to support women’s hectic lifestyles by helping to fill gaps in the diet.
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22 July 2011

Pre-menstrual syndrome

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The term pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) describes a group of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that many women experience during the 1-2 weeks before the onset of the menstrual period.

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13 October 2014


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A fungal disease affecting the warm, damp regions of the body such as the genital area.

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