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  • Arthritis, joint, bone & muscle
  • Brain health
  • Children's health
  • Cold, flu & immunity
  • Digestive health
  • Energy & exercise
  • Everyday health
  • Eye health
  • Heart & circulation
  • Men's health
  • Nails, hair & skin
  • Fish & Nutritional Oils
  • Stress relief
  • Pregnancy & preconception
  • Weight management
  • Women's health
Stress relief

Executive B Stress Formula

Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula

From NZ$14.40

Supporting your body’s ability to cope with stress.
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Super Magnesium+

Super Magnesium+

From NZ$19.99

Supports energy production for exercise and muscle health.
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Everyday health

Bio ACE® Excell

Blackmores Bio ACE Excell

From NZ$57.40

Supporting antioxidant defences with nutrients and herbs.
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Women's health

Bio Iron Advanced

Bio Iron Advanced

From NZ$16.99

A low constipation iron formulation which is well tolerated and gentle on the digestive system. It helps reduce fatigue and tiredness caused by low dietary iron intake.
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01 April 2010

Hair damage

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Heat, chemicals and a poor diet may all cause hair damage and hair loss. It may also be a symptom of some health problems, or an adverse effect of some medicines.

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01 April 2010


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The word asthma comes from the Greek word for "panting". It is a chronic inflammatory disease that is accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath. The two main types of asthma are intrinsic asthma, which usually develops in conjunction with an infection or later in life or may follow the birth of a child or after change of life, and extrinsic asthma, which is caused by allergies.

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