Energy & exercise

12 January 2021
Young woman exercises doing yoga on a boulder at Moeraki boulders

Energising exercise

11 December 2020

Running training programs

Man running on a hill in Auckland New Zealand with Sky Tower in background

As your running partner we’ve got you covered - from stretching to nutrition we’re here to help you smash your running goals.

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Energy & exercise

Vitamin B12

Blackmores Vitamin B12 75 tablets

from NZ$15.40

Supporting healthy red blood cells
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Energy & exercise

Mega B Complex

Blackmores Mega B Complex 75 tablets

from NZ$16.49

A high potency formula, which provides nutrients that, may be depleted by strenuous physical activity.
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12 January 2015

Your guide to fitness

Your guide to fitness

Your how-to guide on fitness for health & wellbeing

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21 July 2011

Shin splints

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The term ‘shin splints’ is used to describe a condition known medically as medial tibial stress syndrome, in which pain is felt along the shin. This type of injury is particularly common in runners.

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