Fish & Nutritional Oils

19 March 2021

Fish oil, its benefits & when to supplement

Flat-lay of fish oil capsules on a blue background

Wondering whether you’re consuming enough fish oil – and why you need it in the first place? Read up on some key fish-oil facts.

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19 March 2021
Grilled sardines - omega-3 foods

Omega-3 foods

17 May 2019

Have you joined the many New Zealanders taking fish oil?

Fish oil

You may have heard friends talking about the many fish oil benefits - how it supports their mobility, their brain health and is good for their skin. People swear by it for supporting heart health too. Perhaps you haven’t tried it for yourself and you’re wondering how a few capsules a day can be of any use? The answer lies in magic fats that are naturally found in fish oil, called omega-3 fatty acids.

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Nutritional oils

Fish Oil Mini Caps Odourless

Blackmores Fish Oil Mini Caps Odourless 400 capsules

from NZ$29.95

High quality fish oil made odourless and reflux-free with great tasting natural lemon and vanilla flavouring.
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Nutritional oils

Omega Brain High DHA Fish Oil

Blackmores Omega Brain 60 capsules

from NZ$35.50

A concentrated fish oil with high DHA to support brain and cognitive function.
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