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Natural health meeting places where you can chat to like-minded people, discuss a health issue, share your stories and get helpful tips and advice.

Cold, Flu, Allergies & Immunity

Cold, Flu, Allergies & ImmunityCold, Flu, Allergies & Immunity

Maintaining immunity throughout the year isn't always easy. Discover how you can manage and prevent colds, flu and allergies the natural way in this community.

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605 members, 11 Recent Posts



A community for those who are looking to proactively manage their digestive issues and are interested in natural solutions.

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516 members, 40 Recent Posts

Fitness & Energy

Fitness & EnergyFitness & Energy

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or have just begun on your exercise journey, you'll find plenty of information and advice about fitness and energy in our community.

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807 members, 44 Recent Posts

Healthy Ageing

Healthy AgeingHealthy Ageing

As we age, it is important we give our bodies the best of care. This community is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the over-50s.

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511 members, 10 Recent Posts

Men's Health

Men's HealthMen's Health

A community for men who would like to know more about their health issues and how to maintain a healthy way of life.

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479 members, 9 Recent Posts

Parenting & Children's Health

Parenting & Children's HealthParenting & Children's Health

Discuss the health and nutrition of your children with other parents, and learn how to fill nutritional gaps in your kids' diets.

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364 members, 7 Recent Posts

Pregnancy & Preconception

Pregnancy & PreconceptionPregnancy & Preconception

Our Pregnancy & Preconception Community is a place where you can feel welcome to chat about all aspects of your pregnancy journey.

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235 members, 19 Recent Posts

Sleep, Stress and Your Mind

Sleep, Stress and Your Mind Sleep, Stress and Your Mind

Whether due to the business of everyday life or issues that arise out of the blue, many of us battle stress. This community offers helpful advice for natural ways to find calm.

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745 members, 24 Recent Posts

Weight Management

Weight ManagementWeight Management

Maintaining an ideal body weight isn't always easy. This community is for those interested in natural ways to manage their weight.

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757 members, 26 Recent Posts

Women's Health

Women's HealthWomen's Health

Women gather in our community to learn from one another, share tips about health, beauty and nutrition, and discuss issues that affect us as women.

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1655 members, 28 Recent Posts


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In the Blackmores Community it's easy to connect with people who have similar health and wellbeing interests. Our communities are organised by health category and in each category you'll find a number of different groups discussing relevant health topics and issues. Join a conversation and get involved, or start your own group!

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