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Ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer in the Arctic

For most, running two marathons a day is unfathomable, doing this for a week is unattainable and to continue running for just short of a year is impossible. Not however, if you’re Pat Farmer.

“I wouldn’t possibly be able to do this if I didn’t believe I was capable of doing it.”

“The bottom line is you have to believe. I’m fortunate to have my children believing in me, and many Australians believing in me, so I reflect on that often” he said.

This Thursday, Pat Farmer arrives home from his record-making journey from the North to the South Pole. He has covered 21,000 km through 14 countries and battled ice, torrential rain, searing heat, and physical demands that no one has ever experienced. At the same time, he has raised millions of dollars for the International Red Cross.

Pat says there were moments during his journey when his life was threatened, and others when he was lost, tired and so sore he could barely move. When he finally hit the South Pole, the joy and relief he felt was incredible. He says he could not have done it without the support he received along the way, “whether they were just giving me a cheer, running with me or offering food and drink, they lifted my spirits up and allowed me to continue on,” he said.

To help Pat survive the grueling challenge, Blackmores provided a wide range of nutritional supplements and vitamins which he took daily to help with healing, recovery, joint support and energy, as well Flexagil Pain Relief cream for daily massages.

“Doing a run like this one, with no days off and up to 15 hours of running a day takes a serious toll on your body.

“Nutrition becomes vitally important, and I used Blackmores’ supplements to keep my energy levels up and ensure that my immune system stayed strong.” Pat said.

Watch Today Show the interview with Pat Farmer from the South Pole here
Watch one-on-one interview with Pat here
Read Media Release here
Read what Pat Farmer had to say at the half way point here
Track Pat’s journey here



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