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Avoid home renovation headaches…

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with the idea of a home renovation – if you believe the version presented by the current plethora of TV shows on the subject that is.
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Avoid home renovation headaches

The reality, if you happen to be brave or silly enough to live in a house when it’s in the middle of a facelift, is not only stressful but a potential health hazard. Add children, particularly young kids, into the equation and life starts to get really tricky. But, speaking from current first-hand experience, there are things that can be done to minimise the risk to wellbeing whilst making yours and your families’ lives easier during the challenging time.

Family friendly renovation tips:

  • Chose a builder you can talk to and establish open, honest communication from the outset.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for specific scheduling information such as periods when tradesmen will be making lots of noise.
  • Go out as much as possible during very noisy occasions – sustained loud noise is not good for little (or big!) ear drums. 
  • If staying onsite during a build, make sure your accommodation is reasonably comfortable, clean and functional – kids need certain home comforts.
  • Make sure you continue to serve up regular healthy family meals, (even with limited kitchen facilities) simple, fresh food is important to health and wellbeing.
  • Give children plenty of warning about planned temporary abodes – so along with the adults, they are given time to adjust.
  • If anyone in your family is prone to dust allergies think seriously about living through a renovation - sometimes wellbeing comes first.
  • Make an effort to grab any opportunity to relax– whether it be sitting down for five minutes over a quiet cup of tea or participating in mediation or yoga outside of the home. 

Have you lived through a renovation? I’d love to hear from anyone who could add more to this list.



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